Tradition and creation

When Apostolos Salkintzis arrived from Smyrna to Heraklion to create his own "Leontaria" (lions), in addition to his art, he brought with him the old traditions of sweet tastes. Maintaining this tradition to date in PHYLLOSOPHIES, we create delightful sweets with recipes that remain unchanged over time.

Among them, the authentic Kazandibi with velvety cream and wonderful perfumes. Furthermore, the Byzantine, which could be simply called "ravani with cream", as well as the Ekmek kataifi made with cream, dried nuts, and fresh phyllo.

In this sweet course of creation, however, the tastes have surpassed the geographical boundaries of tradition, and are now enriched and renewed. Traditional donuts with honey or honey and walnuts are fried on request and are served crispy and warm. Alternatively, you can ask for ice cream topping. Kataifi is created from fresh phyllo and crisp nuts that will give you unparalleled pleasure. Among the other pastries what stands out is the well-known baklava, a sweet that is made with love and devotion, fresh butter, phyllo, and freshly chopped nuts. And your pleasures does not end here. You can enjoy all our sweet delicacies at home. Take away your favorite ones for your family or friends.