Health and taste

Traditionally herbal teas are the capstone of Eastern drinks. With respect to our tradition and the flavors that originated from Smyrna, we offer a unique selection of beverages with eastern as well as Cretan recipes. In PHYLLOSOPHIES you can enjoy pennyroyal, sage, and chamomile. You can also try the famous Cretan "Karteraki", our own tea, but also a variety of other excellent choices. Apart from assuring the best quality of the herbs, great emphasis is also placed on the way of preparation and serving so that all natural antioxidant ingredients, beneficial properties, and taste are left unchanged.

In addition to herbal teas, PHYLLOSOPHIES also offer one of the most beloved beverages in which no one can resist. In PHYLLOSOPHIES we offer chocolate drinks in a variety of choices, hot or cold. Hot chocolate is offered in various flavors, with or without whipped cream, and there is always the choice of cold, delicious chocolate.